Box Hill City band Inc is a registered charity with the Australian Government and gifts to the Box Hill City band Public fund may be tax deductible.

Box Hill City Band is a volunteer run organisation that aims to support the musical development of players within the community across all ages and backgrounds.

To assist the Box Hill City Band to help players reach their potential we seek the generous financial philanthropic support of our community. Your participation, within your means, is keenly sought and will be highly valued.

Philanthropic support is sought to ensure that players who might not otherwise be able to undertake musical activities and education can do so through the provision of training and loaned instruments. The history and tradition within the Brass Band world of providing players with their instruments has been a great enabler of many players ability to take up brass music, especially for those instruments unique to brass bands.

Individuals who generously choose to invest in the Box Hill City Band Inc. at whatever level play a vital part in helping to foster and expand a valuable musical, art, and educational organisation within the Box Hill area.

Please contact us with any questions regarding philanthropic support for Box Hill City Band; how best to direct your donation to a particular aspect of the musical organisation, issues of tax deductibility or the planning of a testamentary gift.

For information of regarding the Box Hill City Band please contact.